For Weddings & Property Abroad

Wedding Abroad

If you are getting married in a Spanish speaking country such as Mexico, The Dominican Republic or Cuba, much of your paperwork will need translating. Your solicitor or tour operator will guide you through the process but you most likely will need a translation into Spanish of:

  • Your Statutory Declarations stating that you are free to marry and sworn before a solicitor.
  • Your Birth Certificates (complete version) or,
  • If you were married before, your Absolute Decree.
  • Depending on the country you are getting married in, you will need either a Basic Certified Translation or a Certified Translation by Notarisation.

    On your return to the UK, the authorities (Passport Office, DVLA, Banks, etc.) will request a formal translation of your marriage certificate in order for the bride to change her personal details (ie. change of name). In such cases, you will only need a Basic Certified Translation, which is accepted by UK authorities.

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    Property Abroad

    Thinking of moving to or buying a property in Spain or Latin America? Let us give you peace of mind through our independent and accurate translation services.

    We can offer whatever level of translation required; whether it is a one off phone call or the translation of a letter, utility bill, building specifications, deed of sale, private agreement or any legal document you may need.

    It is advisable never to sign a foreign language contract, and do not trust a translation given by a foreign developer or seller. Get it translated professionally or the original language paperwork and its translation checked out by an independent and qualified translator. Why risk losing 1000s, if not 100,000s just to save 100 or much less?.

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